Montessori & Arts Summer Program

Summer Classes will begin June 6 - end July 30th

Our engaging 8 sessions programs are designed to engage children using the Montessori materials, art, and movement. Each session is as unique as your child and tailored to fit our student's needs. We offer half an hour or one hour sessions. Some of the topics covered in this exceptional way are as follows based on age group:

Math ages 3-9

  • understanding the decimal system

  • understanding numbers

  • Math facts

  • Math applications

  • Constructing and deconstructing a numbers

  • Clock - Time

  • Beginning Geometry

Math ages 9-12

  • Math facts and applications

  • Fractions

  • Decimals

  • Word problems

  • Integers

  • Square Root

  • Geometry

Language ages 3-9

  • Use of sandpaper letters for phonetic recognition and writing

  • Moveable alphabet

  • Phonetic words and phonograms

  • Grade-level reading comprehension exercises

  • Montessori Grammar "The Farm"

Language ages 9-12

  • Cursive handwriting

  • Phonograms

  • Word Study

  • Grade level reading comprehension exercises

  • Advanced Montessori Grammar

  • Sentence Structure and Analysis

  • Creative Writing (Four Square Method)


  • Alphabet recognition

  • Pronunciation

  • phonetic reading

  • Conversational Spanish

  • Nouns, adjectives, verbs