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Today I decorated ourside of my house still having problems with some lights. Then went to walk at Epcot around looking at different Holiday traditions and did olaf scavenger hunt..: won an okaf cookie cutter!

Marien Pena

Day # 4 I walked today. I also moved around the house non stop rearranging things. I decide to put up the Christmas tree but I don't want to decorate it. For my creative process I wrote a poem. I will share it when I feel ready. It's titled- Mi Hermano se mudo de domicilio-

Day 4

Spent some time today walking around Sea World, soaking up more holiday spirit and watching the dolphins( very relaxing for me). Got home and made a santa dolphin painting.

Marien Pena

30/30/30 Day 2 Spend sometime walking around the Central Florida Zoo enjoying the Ansian Lantern Festival. Inspired to make some watercolors. What did you do today?


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